15 Day Kindness Challenge

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On Monday, November 3rd, Burcham hosted a unique assembly with an organization called Think Kindness.

Think Kindness is a non-profit organization that inspires and cultivates measurable acts of kindness within schools across the country. They came here to include our school in their “15 Days of Kindness” national tour! 

Our students have accepted the challenge to do 6,000 Acts of Kindness in 15 Days!

In addition, students, staff and families will be collecting 1,200 pairs of jeans (of all sizes) IN 15 DAYS to donate to local organizations that help the needy – a measurable act of kindness we can all see!

This Kindness Challenge was funded by our PTA to take, what has traditionally been our Bully Prevention month, to a new level. Watch this short video to see a glimpse into this positive program.

Watch YouTube Video

In our conversations with parents and teachers, we feel this is a direction that many can get behind & support! Kindness Matters, right??! In fact, we will be challenging parents, guardians, teachers and extended family to join in!!

Follow us on Facebook for daily kindness suggestions and reminders! How will you share kindness? How will you pay it forward? Let’s all lead by example and remember that…

“Kindness Begins with Me!”


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