Membership Drive In Bloom

Watch Us Grow!

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Our Burcham PTA Membership Drive has officially has started! This is the time of year where we ask you to join the oldest and most respected advocacy group for children and education! MEMBERSHIP COUNTS as each member represents a person who cares about our kids and their education! So, the more members we have, the more we care and the more we can accomplish locally at our school, in our state and nationally!

Look for the membership packet that was sent home with your child.

You may have some questions about membership with the PTA…



Who should join?

  • Parents
  • Kids – yes, kids can join too!
  • Grandparents
  • Aunts & Uncles
  • Teachers & Staff (past & present)
  • Burcham Alumni
  • Neighbors & Community Members
  • Local Business Owners

How long does the membership last?

A PTA membership is good for one year… pretty much the length of the school year. So, if you were a member last year, we hope you will sign-up again.

What’s in it for me?

  • Members receive a Legoland Child FREE admission special offer while supplies last, we have a limited number .  Members are also eligible for other discounts – more info will be provided with your membership card
  • The opportunity to participate in voting on all Burcham PTA matters
  • The opportunity to show your support for the largest and oldest advocate for children and education.

Membership Drive Rewards: Help us reach our goal of 500 Burcham PTA members before October 10th

Student Rewards:

* Each membership earns a Paw Shop Coupon

Classroom Reward

* Cool Ice-Cream Treat Party for classroom with 100% participation & teacher membership

School-wide Rewards if we meet our goal of 500

* PTA Spirit Day and Movie Night  (dates to be determined)

Please JOIN TODAY! Fill out the form in the packet or print it out Bobcat PTA Membership Form 2014-2015. Every membership counts!


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