Support Goes Both Ways with our Sponsors!

Do you go to the Village Cafe or Smart-n-Final? If you do, be sure to THANK THEM for their generous support of Burcham! We support the local businesses that support us! Thank you Village Cafe and Smart-n-Final (Lakewood) for making our Valentine Pancake Breakfast possible!!! 

Pancake Breakfast Sponsors


Got a Super Bowl Party Planned?

As you gather with friends, family and competitors this Super Bowl Sunday – consider gathering something else as well… the empty plastic bottles and cans at your party!! Our 5th Grade Class would greatly appreciate your support of their year-long recycling fundraiser. They are raising money for their promotional activities.

And, speaking on behalf of the parent volunteers who take the bottles and cans to the recycling center, PLEASE make sure the items are empty and that caps are left off. THANK YOU, in advance, from our 5th grade teachers, families and Burcham Class of 2014!

5th grade recycling

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