Teacher Appreciation Week, May 7-11

The PTA is happy to share that we have lots in store to show appreciation of our wonderful teachers and staff. We will be sponsoring a Teacher Appreciation Luncheon for staff on Tuesday, May 8th. We will be providing a light breakfast on every Thursday in the month of May. We will also be giviing each teacher a special “gift of thanks” from the PTA.

How can you & your student get involved? Follow the plan for the week of activities.

Click here for flyer or see below:
Monday, May 7th- Fruit Day: Bring a piece of fruit: a basket will be by her/his desk for you to place the fruit in, so she can take it home to enjoy.
Tuesday May, 8th– Thank You card Day: Make a thank you card for your teacher or draw a picture. You can do both if you’d like!
Wednesday, May 9th– Sweet Day: Bring in a small yummy sweet treat for your teacher to enjoy.
Thursday, May 10th– Flower Day: Bring in a flower for your teacher. Put them in the vase by your classroom door. Together the
class will create a beautiful bouquet.
Friday, May 11th– Gift Day: Bring any kind of gift you would like to give your teacher.

Thank you for participating as you can!

Other Donations Needed:
the Thursday Morning breakfasts in the month of May
Vases for Thursday’s Flower Day

If you would like to contribute, please contact the PTA at

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